Activities and services

Oil products are delivered to the Terminal by railway cars, unloaded into storage tanks and after accumulation of the required cargo batch are loaded into tankers. This technological chain can be summarized as follows: railway-car - storage tank - tanker.

When necessary, the available process equipment allows the adverse technological chain: tanker - railway car - tank-truck. Unloading and loading of the products in the Terminal is performed using closed means - pipelines. 

The main activities of SC Klaipedos Nafta:

  • Transships crude oil and oil products (heavy fuel oil, crude oil, diesel oil, gasoline, jet fuel, etc.) from railway cars to tankers.
  • Unloads crude oil and oil products from tankers into railway cars.
  • Temporary stores (accumulates) crude oil and oil products.
  • Determines quality parameters of oil products.
  • Injects chemical additives into oil products.
  • Accepts oily water from ships.
  • Provides ships with fuel and water.
  • Moors tankers.